RML Acoustic Group

The RML Acoustic Group is part of the Redbridge Music Lounge.
It is a music group that rehearses in weekly sessions for instrumentalists and singer/instrumentalists who wish to arrange and play songs together collaboratively using harmonies and instruments.
If you are interested please contact John 07725 782 813


Sessions are open to instrumentalists or singer/instrumentalists who are members of the RML acoustic Group.

Sessions are currently on hold but will probably resume in January 2022 on Wednesdays and/or Thursday mornings.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who is eligible for the RML Acoustic Group? You need to be a member of the RML (currently just £5 pa) and a singer/instrumentalist or an instrumentalist. Basically, you need to play an instrument whether guitar, keyboard, percussion or wind etc so that you can join in on each song arrangement we do.